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La Luce means “The Light” in Italian We envisioned being just that: a light beacon in the local North York Toronto area and Vaughan neighborhood, a relaxing environment free from the stresses of everyday life. We take passion in creating food that pleases all of the senses. We believe that an Italian restaurants food should look beautiful, smell great and taste amazing. We understand that private dining in the greater Toronto area is more than just a simple meal; its a nice glass of wine, a much needed break from your job, a romantic evening with a loved one, a mixed cocktail and a memorable meal that you will desire.

The Best Wine 2

At La Luce Ristorante traditional Italian food is the focus of the menu. We use the freshest ingredients available. Our traditional Italian food is cooked in house, complimented by sauce that is made daily. Our seafood dishes are carefully selected and we have a wide variety of pasta dishes available.

Best Italian Cuisine 3

Each Italian dish is made with attention to detail. We take pride in knowing that our food will taste great with every single bite. We do not overlook taste and presentation. We’re ready to give you the authentic italian restaurant experience that you want. We are conveniently located in North York Toronto off Highway 400 at steeles which is closeby to Vaughan.